Huuka Wax Dab Rigs and E-Nails |Wax vape


1. Electronic Water hookah for wax.

2. Size: 60mm*110mm

3. Material:glass+metal+ceramic

4. Battery: 1900mah,20-25w,metal body

4. Output Voltage:Green: 3.4V Blue: 3.6V Purple: 3.8V 

5. Chamber:Ceramic heating chamber / 1.1-1.3 ohm

6. Charge adaptor: 5V 1A

7. Charge time: 3Hours 

8. Temperaure:500°F – 550°F/600°F 

9. Bowl: changeale glass bowl 

10.Color: black/red/yellow 


1.Anlerr patent design, quality assured wax water hookah.

2.Enjoy pure big vapor which went through the water.

3.Enjoy the water voice when vaping.

4.The colorful led lighting with different temperature give you a cool feeling.

5.It is a digital wax vape when keep the old classical water hookah feel

6. 1 year long time warranty.

Anlerr Huuka product overview

How to start Anlerr Huuka
1. Turn On/ Off: Press the power button 5 times continuously to turn on/off the device.The bottom led will flash 5 times in white light when it’s turned on. And the bottom led will flash 5
times in red light when it’s turned off. It will have a temperature memory function(It will be at the temperature you set last time when you turn on the device).
2. The power button LED lights indicate different battery levels: four grid-100%, three grid-75%, two grid-50%, one grid-25%. The LED will flash while charging. All four-grid LED will be lighten on when full charged.
3. Three temperatures: Bottom led Green: 3.4V 500°F
Bottom led Blue: 3.6V 550°F
Bottom led Purple: 3.8V 600F
4. Sesh Mode: Long press the power button 3 seconds. Then will active 35 seconds ‘sesh mode’ (5seconds pre-heat time then 30seconds warm time. The bottom Led will flash when pre-heat. Bottom LED keeps lighting on when it’s ready to use after pre-heat time ). then it will be in standby mode after 35seconds sesh mode.
5. Temperature Switch: You can press the power button 3 times continuously to switch the temperatures you want in sesh mode. Every time you switch the temperuture, the devide will restart the 35s sesh mode.
6. Abnormal prompt: Bottom led flash 8times with red light indicates short circuited.
Power button flash 10 times indicates low battery and need charged.
7. The device will be turned off automatically if without any cooperation in 5minutes.

Features for Huuka Conentrate vaporizer:

1.World smallest non combustion wax vaporizer start kit.
2.500-600°F accurate temperature control,and memory function.
3.Ceramic heating chamber offers quick heating time and Isolated airflow tech offers smooth airflow.
4.Changeable health mouthpice,glass and general mouthpiece for selection.
5.Full baked,big vapor dry herb vaporizer vape pen.
6.Anlerr original design and original produce patented non combustion concentrate vaporizers.