Anlerr TPE24 Las Vegas Tobacco Exhibition


Anlerr had attended the TPE24 tobacco exhibition in Las Vegas From January 28th to Feb. 2nd.It is the first trade show which anlerr attended with 10 years from its found time in 2014. As one of the most professional custom logo & custom design dry herb vaporizer manufacturer supplier, cbd flower device manufacturer,wax vape pen manufacturer, anlerr has reached great success in this show. Has met and communicated with the top dry herb vaporizer brands etc.  I think TPE is a good way to show your products or find wax vaporizer suppliers,wax vaporizer suppliers,glass bong suppliers and disposable vape suppliers. 


What are TPE?

The TPE (Tobacco Plus Expo) is indeed a trade show primarily focused on tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes and vaporizer & vaping devices. It's a popular event where industry professionals, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors come together to showcase new vaporizers, discuss industry trends, and network with others in the field.


At TPE, you can expect to find exhibitors representing various aspects of the tobacco and vaping industries, including:


E-cigarette and vaping device manufacturers: Companies that produce electronic cigarettes, vape pens, dry herb vaporizer, wax vaporizer, mods, e-liquids, and related accessories.


Tobacco product manufacturers: This includes traditional tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, as well as newer tobacco alternatives like snus and chew.


Dry herb vaporizer Distributors and wholesalers: Businesses that distribute tobacco and vaping products to retailers.


Retailers: Vape shops, tobacco stores, convenience stores, and other retail outlets looking to source new products for their stores.


Industry service providers: Companies offering services such as packaging, marketing, compliance, and regulatory consulting tailored to the tobacco and vaping industries.


At TPE, attendees can explore the latest disposable vape, glass bong,dry herb vaporizers,cigars, attend educational sessions and seminars, participate in networking events, and gain insights into the evolving landscape of the tobacco and vaping industries. It's a valuable opportunity for businesses and professionals to stay informed about market trends, regulatory changes, and innovations within the industry.