Product Style: anlerr huuka electric dab rig wax vaporizer

Used for: wax/dab/concentrates/thick oil

Size: 60mm*110mm

Material: glass+metal+ceramic

Battery: 1900mah,20-25w,metal body

Charging Port: Micro USB

Lighting Color: Green: 3.4V Blue: 3.6V Purple: 3.8V

Chamber: Replaceable Ceramic heating chamber / 1.1-1.3 ohm 6. Charge adaptor: 5V 1A

Temperature: 500°F – 550°F/600°F

Advantage: changeale glass bowl,glass mouthpiece

Vaping Feel 1: Enjoy big vapor pure taste vaping which went through the water.

Vaping Feel 2: Enjoy the water voice and coca-cola drink feel when vaping

Vaping Feel 3: The colorful led lighting with different temperature give you a cool feeling.

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