How to find a good dry herb vaporizer manufacturer supplier?


How to find a reliable good dry herb vaporizer manufacturer supplier? 

There are too many vaporizer suppliers in the market, some are good, some are bad and over 90% of dry herb vaporizers are made in China, whether it is famous brand as puffco, gpen,mighty or the not famous brands . So it is very important hot to find a reliable best dry herb vaporizer manufacturer supplier? Following are 5 most important tips to help you find a reliable best vaporizers supplier. 

Tips 1: Distinguish It is a brand distributors or original vaporizer maker or copy items? 
In general, the brand distributors and the original makers are better than the copy one, because patent protect are more and more common in our life, and the supplier who cares the brand and design is excellent some or less. 

The original maker is more suitable for the one who want to build its own vaporizer brand when the brand distributors are more suitable for the local store or shops. 

So first tip is quit copy, keep original items. 

Tips 2: Whether the supplier has strong vaporizer R&D ability, which can design and produce nice quality vaporizers itself.  
The stronger vaporizer R&D ability is very important for an excellent vaporizer supplier,which will decide the product model is good sell or not. 

Tips 3: Whether has the related certificates or has the nice quality . 
Like it is patented or not, has CE/RoHs/FCC for product itself;MSDS,UN38. for the battery etc;
Whether has self brand? The more patents, the more certificate, the better in general. 

Tips 4: The quality of the vaporizer itself. 
The most important of the dry herb vaporizer are: if it is full baked, has pure weed taste, relative bigger vapor (in general, the vapor of non combustion herb vape isnot very large). And how many is the defective ration in one year warranty time. 

In general, a good vaporizer is full baked, can offer pure taste, and big vapor when keep a relative accurate temperature.And a lower defective ratio. 

Tips 5: Test samples is a must. 
What are the suppliers said isnot totally true, you must check the vaporizers yourself. So getting some samples to test,vape yourself is a must. 
Tips 5: Place small order first bulk order. 
Sometimes sample still cant say it is a good supplier or a good product, you can place a small bulk order to try the vaporizer, the service, and the market feedback. 

If the first small order are going smoothly and selling is good, you can increase the order quantity in next orders. 

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