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Anlerr started the research and development of dry herb vaporizer technology from 2014,it is one of the first companies to do dry herb vape . Anlerr has the most excellent dry herb and wax vaporizer designers who are with reach experience, and top vaporizer technology, who once designed the first dry herb vaporizer Titan.

Unique Ceramic Formula for Better Oil Absorption

Vaprizer Patents

Anlerr attaches great importance to patent development and protection. Till now anlerr owns a significant number of design and appearance technology patents. We and our ODM projects have currently applied for 89 patents in domestically ,of which has issued 45 patents in wax and herb vaporizer, anlerr owns 20 patents itself.

Unique Ceramic Formula for Better Oil Absorption

Innovation Vaporizer R&D

Anlerr has continuously increased investment in the R&D technology and high-level talent teams, firmly believing that innovation holds the key to meeting customers' needs as well as to leading the trends of the market. All engineers are with rich experience and superior vaporizer technology, the senior engineers are with 12 years vaporizer R&D experience.